How To Remove Your Hair System

When we take off the hair system we wear, obeying some procedures and keeping careful are all required. Not only the hair system but also our scalp are fragile. Fierce behavior may damage hair systems and cause a wound on the head.

How To Remove Your Hair System?

  • First, you should prepare some tools that can help you remove your toupee. The specific instrument is a wide tomb, an adhesive remover you like.
  • Second, find and grip the back edge of the hair system. It’s worth mentioning that it is inappropriate to take off the hair system from the front edge, which is easy to break up the hairline of the hair system.
  • Third, take advantage of thumb and forefinger to grasp the hair system and separate the hair system from your scalp.
  • Spraying the remover between the scalp and hair system. Meantime, ensure the direction of the spray is upwards.
  • After the liquid in remover penetrates the gap between the scalp and hair system, you can tug your hair system. In this process, it is better to spray the remover to relieve the stickiness of the adhesive.
  • If the attachment method you use tapes, it may take off the hair system without using a remover. Besides, the holding time which each kind of adhesive has is different. If you use the hair system for a long time, the hair system also can take off without the aid of the remover. Whether you use the remover and how much the volume of remove you should use depend on your personal experience and read instructions made by manufacturers.

The New Product Recommendation

As a beginner, you may have nothing about remover. For this problem, Lavividhair recommend the following items:

Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover for Hair Systems

As an effective remover, it can remove any kind of trace of your hair adhesive. Compared with other sold removers by Lavivid, this type is no aloe or lanolin, which can protect your scalp from grease and oil residue.

Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover for Skin Use

It is a professional remover that is designed for removing the skin hair system. Besides, this product without any harmful chemicals and toxins ensures your body’s health and protects your scalp.


If your skin is allergic to some specific ingredients in Removers, it is required to contact your private doctors when you use these products.