What tape do you recommend for toupee hairline?

Hair fall and hair loss is surely one of the worst feelings ever. You slowly see your hair shedding out day by day from different parts of your head, and you just cannot seem to do anything about it since the hair fall is mostly genetic and will continue until it completely or partially ends the hair on your head.

While hair loss is treatable through different procedures and treatments, they are time-consuming, and most people out there just don’t want to get them, which is why people turn towards toupee hairs which basically is a small hairpiece worn at the top of the head to cover the hair loss and make your hair look better.

Most modern toupee hair is made up of synthetic or artificial hair. They stick to the head using different tapes, which are first placed onto the toupee hair and then the toupee comes on top of the head. The firmness and look of your toupee hair largely depend upon the quality of tape you choose for your toupee hair. To make sure you buy the perfect tape for your toupee hairline, we have made for you a list of different tapes that you should use.


The ultra hold toupee tape in roll is a great tape for your toupee hair. This tape comes in a nice packaging and is around 3 yards long, which means that buying one of these will free you from the hassle of having to buy toupee tape every now and then.

Having an ultra hold, this toupee tape will not feel hard on your head but will definitely stick hard to your toupee hair. This tape, once applied, will work perfectly for about 4 weeks, thus saving you from the hassle of having to change your toupee tape.

The tape is completely transparent, thus making it much cleaner to wear; moreover, it is stretchy and comfortable, thus allowing you to be at ease. It is recommended for you to use an adhesive remover after removing this tape.


If you are someone that has a front lace hair loss problem, then this toupee hair tape is perfect for you. The tape comes in a 3-yard packet which will surely last long, thus saving you from having to buy it again and again.

The lace front men’s tape is amongst the best sellers in its category. This is because this tape has a good and firm hold over the toupee hair. This tape, due to its excellent quality, would last for about 3 to 4 weeks. This tape will offer you a lot of benefits which include the tape being waterproof, free of odor and bacteria-free.

It is recommended for you to wash your scalp before applying this toupee tape.


Want a firm tape that sticks your toupee hair strongly to your scalp? This is the toupee tape you need. The Waterproof Ultra Hold tape is made with strong adhesive but is quite stretchy and comfortable, thus helping you relax while looking perfect with your toupee hair.

Depending upon the temperature of the place you live in, this toupee tape can last for about 2 to 4 weeks. The best part about this toupee tape is the fact that you can shower and shampoo with it still being on since this tape is completelywaterproof.


Tired of facing sweat problems because of your toupee tape? Then this is the perfect toupee tape for you. This double-sided adhesive tape is built on medical standards, which is why it is completely safe to use this on the skin.

The tape is completely clear, flexible and comfortable, thus making your toupee hair look good while also making you feel comfortable in your toupee hair. Despite being strong and firm, this adhesive tape can be easily removed from your skin and will cause you no pain.

The toupee tape is waterproof and can last about 4 weeks, thus saving you the hassle of changing your toupee tape every now and then.


The Extenda Bond Plus is built for people that want a toupee tape that is strong and holds their hair firmly. While this tape sticks firmly, it has a flexible and comfortable texture that makes it comfortable for you.

This comes in a box of 100 toupee hair tapes, thus freeing you of the hassle of buying new toupee tapes every now and then.

The best part about the Extenda Bond Plus is the fact that this toupee tape has small holes on it. This makes it breathable and allows for you to be comfortable, especially in hot weather. Though this toupee tape sticks for long periods of time, it is recommended for you to remove this tape after every 3 to 4 weeks.


Toupee hair surely is a great solution for hair fall and can make your hair look much better. For toupee hair to make your hair look good, you need to buy for yourself an amazing toupee tape that makes sure you are comfortable and your toupee hair is firmly in place. We hope that we helped you select the perfect toupee hair tape for you.