About Lavivvihair

LaVivid partners with hair stylists and salons to provide services such as hair system installation, cutting, styling, coloring, perming and routine maintenance. If you’d like to get in touch with me, please feel free to contact me at, or send a message with the form down below. Either way, we will be in touch!

“Lace base is more breathable and natural than I imagine! And I need to say that Lavivid has amazing service. Good job Lavivid. I just can’ wait to try my next one.”


“got my order from you and am so happy with it. I always had a lace base and I never tried a skin base before. I had it put on today and am made up with it. When I got it was bit unsure about the hair being human hair but the salon I go reassured me.”


I just received the Ares system by FedEx and it looks just like I saw in the video it’s wonderful I am crazy about it I never had a system like this before when you can in the future let me know as soon as you know they are sending more of the same system”