How to Remove a Hair System Safely and Effectively

Do you always have to rush to the salon to get the hair system fixed on your head flawlessly? Probably you never come across Adam’s suggestion and advice. He is a hair system expert, always ready to answer your queries.

Putting on the hair system can be convenient for many people, but when it comes to removing it, it becomes challenging. Adam has seen many cases where people tear their base while removing it. These incidents pushed him to address the problem.

Adam has been using the hair system for four years and helping others save the dollar by doing all hair system shenanigans himself. He encourages you to learn to remove the hair system, by yourself, by following this guide.

Remove the Hair System with Adam

As you know, Adam has a long history of dealing with the hair system. He has lots of tricks and hacks about removing the system best. Initially, he also made so many mistakes as nobody’s angel, and no one learns without mistakes.

In the span of four years, he has learned to be more careful and professional while removing hair.

Remove the Hair System Correct Way

First of all, Adam suggests you get a hand on the hair system remover. You can use any brand, but ensure it is effective and has good reviews. To remove the hair system flawlessly, follow these simple steps by Adam because the wig he removes he has been wearing for like two weeks:

  1. Pull the hair system gently from the front and immediately spray the hair system remover. Rub it up against the base and leave it for a few seconds.
  2. Once you have pulled a bit from the front, now pull more of the hair system from the left side of the system. Remember to keep spraying the adhesive remover gently.
  3. Now move to the other side, which means pulling the thin lace from the right side and spraying the adhesive remover. Rub or massage the scalps gently to avoid dryness and itchiness.
  4. When all sides have been pulled a bit, now spray adhesive remover at the center. In the center, the wig usually is strongly attached due to plenty of glue or tape.

  1. Keep pulling until you reach the back. Here you will have to invest extra energy because when you sleep or lay back, the pressure on the hair system makes it stick too firmly. Apply adhesive remover and leave it for a while. Then pull it gently, and it will get off conveniently.

It is necessary to go easy on your lace no matter which base hair system you are using because if you pull it aggressively, you will have it in two pieces in your hands. To avoid these mishaps and heart-breaking incidences, Adam keeps in hand the best adhesive remover.

Tips to Remove Hair System Effectively

Here is some valuable advice Adam has for you to remove your hair system:

Once you have removed the system, thoroughly clean the hands with tissue paper. Due to glue and adhesive remover, the hand turns sticky and messes up the hair system.

Go slow and stay gentle. Spray the adhesive remover, and give it time to melt down and leave the hair system’s base. Pull the system gently and if you think it is still strongly stuck, apply the remover and let it rest again.

Be cautious. Thin bases require more care and gentle handling because they are more vulnerable to tearing.

You might find pulling easy and fascinating if you wear a sturdy and strong base. Remember that the aggressive pulling will hurt your scalps and the skin underneath them instead of dealing with pain. It is better to stay slow and gentle.

What to do After Removing Hair System

After removing the hair system, you must have plenty of adhesive on your scalps as well as your base. Give a thorough wash to the hair system with mild shampoo and conditioner. Now take care of your head scalps as well. Apply argan oil or any other oil, and give yourself a gentle head massage.

The massage will take off lots of adhesives, but still, you have a lot to deal with. Take a bath and carefully remove all adhesive so you can put on the wig again.

Removing the hair system is a trivial task as long as you know some tricks and techniques. When you stay gentle, it is impossible to tear it if you have a good hair system. For this purpose, Adam only relies on LaVivid hair systems.

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