How Long Do Hair Systems Last?

Now you’ve done your research, made the decision to have your hair system fitted, and are now enjoying having a full head of hair once more. Making your hair system survive if feasible is the next stage. To help you maintain the best possible appearance and feel for your hair replacement, our guide describes the finest aftercare procedures.

In this article, we will discuss how long hair systems last and what are the ways to maintain them and increase their shelf life. A hair system can last between two and twelve months if the proper upkeep steps are taken. To keep them looking their best after that, it is advised that they be changed.

How To Make Your Hair System Last Longer

Follow the steps below to look after your hair system and make it last longer.

  1. Keep in mind that it’s better to initially keep the cut a little longer to ensure that you’d want it chopped more. When it’s off, it’s off forever!
  2. A new system may initially feel bouncy and thick. Within one to two weeks, that will settle.
  3. It is normal for a new system to shed some hair during the first month; this is normal and part of how the system adapts to your way of life.
  4. Despite how tempting it may be, try to avoid excessive hair tampering! Up to 24 hours are needed for the bond to cure and tampering with your system can shorten its lifespan.
  5. After receiving a system for the first time, people frequently overthink how they seem. It’s critical to keep in mind that only you will give your hair the attention it deserves.
  6. At first, there can be a slight lifting around the margins. That is very OK and is simply remedied with a small amount of your adhesive.

How Often You Should Wash Hair System

Hair system users should typically wash their hair once to twice each week. Washing your hair too frequently can cause dryness because the hair isn’t receiving the natural oils from your scalp, once or twice a week is plenty.

Avoid using too much shampoo! Put around 10 pence worth of liquid in the palm of your hand. Avoid rubbing or washing your hair in a circular motion. Instead, use a vent brush with nodules on the end or a wide-tooth comb to gently glide the shampoo through the hair in a single direction. Use the same technique with conditioner to maintain the wonderful and silky feel of your hair system.

When washing your hair system, make sure the water is not too hot or cold. Please make every effort to use lukewarm or room temperature water, if feasible, to preserve the moisture in the hair and stop adhesives from disintegrating.

How To Brush Your Hair System

When using a hair system, choosing the appropriate brush is crucial! To prevent tearing or harming the membrane of your hair system, we strongly advise our clients to use a wide-tooth comb or a vent brush with nodules on the end.

To untangle and style your hair, gently brush through it. Never pull out tangles; instead, steadily work your way up from the hair’s ends to the root. Spray some water or use a moisturizing spray to rework the hair into your preferred style if you need to style and brush your hair system but aren’t washing your hair that day.

Top Selling Hair Systems for Men

Here is a list of top selling hair systems to get your hands on

Swiss lace, the thinnest and lightest lace currently on the market, is what Helios employs for its lace hair systems. The entire base of Helios is constructed of translucent Swiss lace, with hand-sewn lines for improved shape and sturdiness. You will get the most realistic front hairline thanks to the softness of the Swiss lace. Natural hair movement is created by manually tying each hair to the lace foundation. It ensures you a 4–6-month replacement period and is made from very fine, silky, and robust Indian Remy Human hair. The hair at your front hairline is flawlessly bleached and appears to be growing out of your scalp.

We all occasionally grow tired of our style, and perhaps all you need to switch up your appearance is a new hair color. LaVivid Travis is a platinum-blonde hair unit with dark roots. The hair is 613 brilliant blonde, with roots that are #5 cool-toned brown. Blonde hair with dark roots is really stylish and a hip way to exhibit yourself.

The most cutting-edge C-through bio-skin basis, which is transparent, soft, and has a dull finish, is used in the Travis hair system. Given that Travis provides you with a realistic hairline, you can pretty much wear any hairdo you choose. There are no knots at all because the entire base is created using the v-looping technique.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed the average shelf life of hair systems, how long they last and what are tips to make them last longer. Do give this article a read to better take care of your hair system.