Your Ultimate Guide on How do Men’s Wig Stay on?

Do you want to purchase your first-ever wig this season? If yes, knowing how to keep your wig in one place is crucial. Your wig can help you style your hair the best, but it will ruin your look if it gets misplaced.

That being the case, it is crucial to know how do men’s wigs stay on and how you can do the same to make your wig stable. So, let’s find out in this article.

Types of Hair Pieces According to the Different Bases

Before you learn how do men’s wig stay on, it is important to know about the different types of wigs. All wigs behave differently depending on the base type you’re using.

Here are some popular wigs that you need to know.

Lace Front

For those who may not know, lace front is a non-detectable type of wig you’ll ever get your hands on. It has a transparent hairline that looks like real skin, and you can easily fake natural hair.

In addition, they are super breathable and make you feel the utmost comfort in the wig. You can wear it all day long without feeling the weight on your head.

Monofilament Wigs

Yes, monofilament wigs are sturdy and last long, but they don’t give a natural look like lace and skin-based wigs. So, if you’re into more durable and less natural types, be sure to get this one.

Also another benefit of monofilament wigs is that it gives you a realistic hair strand effect. It provides the look as if the hair is naturally coming from the scalp.

How do Men’s Wig Stay On?

Now we hop onto our fundamental question: how do men’s wig stay on? Unlike women’s wigs, men’s wigs are shorter and harder to keep secure. That’s why it is crucial for the owners to learn how to do men’s wig stays on and the various methods to keep their wig safe.

There are plenty of methods you can use to keep your wig stable. We’ll introduce you to some of the efficient, effective, and easy-to-do ways. You pick according to your preference and the type of wig that you’ve bought.

Wigs Caps

The wig caps are best for shaved and bald heads. The best thing about using a wig cap is that it provides an exceptional cover to your hair and makes it easier for the wig to fit.

If you have natural hair, you can flatten them using a gel and wear the cap on top of it. They prevent the sweat from the scalp from reaching the wig and disturbing the foundation. Those who have sensitive skin that is prone to itching when contacting a wig can use the wig cap.

The wig cap/ mesh cap will be a barrier between the two. It will keep you unbothered all day long.

Toupee Clips

Toupee clips are another efficient way to secure your wig. A few wigs come with attached toupee clips, making it feasible to stick to the scalp. If you don’t have that type of wig, you can use toupee clips as a substitute. You’ll need to attach the inner lining to the toupee clip and place it on the head so it stays in place.

You would love how toupee clips stay on your head firmly, and is super affordable. You can purchase a set of toupee clips and use it whenever you wear your wig.

However, if you’re into daily sports activities or athletic, then toupee clips are not for you. Try bond adhesives and wig tapes.

Bond Adhesives

Bond adhesives are one of the most sturdy and durable methods in how do men’s wig stay on category. They can guarantee up to 2-4 weeks hold. There are only two types of bond adhesives; silicon and water-based.

Silicon-based adhesives are economical and more durable when compared to water-based adhesives. Before you apply glue, be sure to keep your head completely clean. Also, it is recommended to use a scalp protectant before applying the sealant.

You need to follow the instructions that will be present on the glue that you’re using. Plus, the stylist forbade the users to exercise and shower at least 24 hours after applying the bond adhesive.

If you’re a beginner, it would be better to use wig tapes or other methods than this one because it takes a lot of practice to achieve the perfect fit. You’ll have to be quick while attaching the wig to prevent the glue from drying.

Wig Tapes

You can attach these double-sided tapes to your head and the wig. Unlike bond adhesives, these are easy to use and beginner-friendly. Yet, the durability is remarkable, like bond adhesives.

The wig tapes are durable and last up to 2-6 weeks. But it is always a trouble to remove the sticky residue from your head after removing the wig.

Elastic Bands

Elastic bands provide a simple wearing method for wigs; you can sew an elastic band onto the inner lining of your wig and wear it like a cap and adjust the wig according to your liking.

Where to Purchase Top-Notch Wigs?

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Tips to Make Sure Your Wig is Stable

Here are some essential tips to help you achieve the perfect stable wig on your head.

  • You should always choose a wig cap if you have natural hair.
  • Those who don’t have natural hair may choose wig tapes and bond adhesives for attaching the wigs.
  • Check before you leave.
  • Shake your head and jump a little to see if it is placed securely.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the most effective methods that can assure you how do men’s wig stay on. We hope you can use them to your benefit!