The Introduction of Lace Hair System In LaVivid Hair

In modern society, the hair system for men is more and more popular. In this article, LaVivid will uncover why the lace hair system is more popular and the mystery of the ventilation method of the lace hair system.

Common Ventilation Method:

In the LaVivid hair system, each lace toupee is a handmade product. This means that it involves spending too much time for a craftsman.

To fix hair in the base, the method is the knot, V-looped, and injected technique.

Kontting method:

For the lace hair system, this is the most commonly used method.

– Single knot: the technique of a single knot is used for fashioning freestyle hair patterns.

– Double knot: if the hair system requires high density, the double knot is very fitting.

– Half knot: this technique can make hair knots undetectable.

– Bleached knot: strictly speaking, it is a single technique. This method is used to bleach knots, which will make the knot invisible.

V-looped method:

It is commonly used in poly hair systems. For not leaving knots in the base, it looks natural. If you are interested, you can use the product sold by LaVivid hair.

Injected method:

Like the v-looped method, it can only be used in poly hair systems. Compared with the v-looped method, it also leaves no knots and looks natural. However, this technique is more complicated.

Hot Lace Hair System In LaVivid:

LAVIVID Helios Hair System for Bald Men

First, you don’t need to worry about this toupee’s quality. As a best seller product in 2011, its popularity in all customers can demonstrate the level of acceptance. The design of all swiss lace can guarantee good ventilation in summer. Meanwhile, this feature that the lace can completely mimic the hairline can make this hair system look like your bio hair.

 Ares Men’s Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Just like the product listed above, it is also a hot product in 2011. Therefore, it is unnecessary to worry about its quality. Other than Helios toupee, the base takes advantage of the design of French lace with skin around. With skin material, it makes it possible that you can remove and apply this hair system easily.


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