Non-surgical hair replacement systems

Hair problems are affecting both men and women for a long time. With time it is becoming more common among men and women.  The ratio of hair loss problems is increasing day by day. Hair plays an important role in the overall personality of a person.  So, people facing hair issues are struggling to resolve them. There are many solutions to hair loss issues.

People who are facing hair loss, baldness, and other hair problems can go for a hair transplant. A hair transplant is one of the best solutions to hair loss and baldness but it is an expensive one. Everyone cannot afford a hair transplant. Many aesthetic clinics are providing special hair treatments which include PRP etc. But like hair transplants, everyone cannot afford PRP. The economical and non-surgical solution is hair replacement systems like hair wigs, toupees, hair patches, etc. Let’s have a look at non-surgical hair replacement systems.

What is a hair replacement system?

It is a non-surgical solution to hair loss, hair thinning, baldness, and other hair problems. It is an immediate solution to your hair problems. Hair replacement systems are a safe and affordable alternative to other hair problem solutions like hair transplants, PRP, etc.  People who cannot afford hair transplants and other hair treatments can easily go for hair replacement systems because they are affordable. Hair replacement systems are easy to use and one can wear them during any activity. Hair replacement systems include hair wigs, toupees, hair patches, etc.

Hair replacement systems can be permanent or non-permanent. Permanent hair replacement systems are for some weeks not for a lifetime. They are bonded to the head with the help of medical-grade adhesive or integration. In the case of non-permanent hair replacement systems, one can easily remove and wear them. But non-permanent hair replacement systems should be replaced regularly.

Hair replacement systems are made of synthetic and human hair. Some are made of only synthetic and some are of only human hair. Two main types of human hair are used in the hair replacement systems that are Indian Remy human hair and European human hair.

Advantages of hair replacement systems

There are many advantages of hair replacement systems. Some of them are:

  • Affordable: The main advantage of hair replacement systems is their affordability. Almost everyone can afford them.
  • A non-surgical solution to all hair problems: It is a non-surgical solution to almost all hair problems. One doesn’t have to go through any surgery, so there is no risk of any infection or side effects.
  • Instant results: In the case of hair replacement systems, one doesn’t have to wait for months or years to show the result. Hair replacement systems are immediately attached or bonded with the scalp.


The life span of hair replacement systems

There is no fixed lifespan for hair replacement systems. There is a huge variety of hair replacement systems in the market. Every hair replacement system has a different life span from others. The life span of a hair system depends upon many things like materials used and the manufacturing process. High-quality materials will result in a long life span for hair replacement systems. The life span of a hair system also depends upon its maintenance by the customer. Good maintenance will increase the life span of a hair replacement system.

Application of a hair replacement system

It is an easy procedure. One can easily apply it on the head at home. Many salons are providing their service to apply hair systems on the head. The following is the procedure:

  • First, clean and shave the area on which tape or glue has to be used.
  • Then apply the tape or glue on the prepared and shaved area of the head.
  • Place the hair system on the head.
  • Cut the base size according to your head size.
  • Then you can cut the hair and style them according to your choice or trend.

Companies producing hair replacement systems  

Many companies are producing hair replacement systems. There is a wide variety of hair systems in the market. In the market, every company is in the run to produce and sell the best hair replacement systems. Hair replacement systems vary from brand to brand, in the material used, hair used, and many more things. There are many companies but LaVivid is one of the best hair replacement systems manufacturing companies.


It is a hair system manufacturing company that is dedicated to providing non-surgical hair replacement systems to people suffering from all types of hair problems. LaVivid is producing high-quality hair systems. LaVivid has a variety of hair systems. LaVivid is committed to making life easier for people suffering from different hair issues. They design each hair system according to the needs and wants of their customers. Following are some of the hair replacement systems by LaVivid

  • Ares men’s non-surgical hair replacement

It is a lace hair system and contains French lace. This hair system has lace as well as skin in the back and the sides. It is made of Indian Remy human hair and is best for daily use. It is designed to remove and apply with ease. It has slightly wavy hair and can be styled according to the customer’s choice. It is designed for the front hairline so its knots are bleached. Its life span is 4-6 months.

  • Coeus men’s hair replacement unit

It is designed for men who want a wavy hairstyle. It is one of the best hair replacement systems because it has a thin skin base. It is made of Indian Remy human hair. When one wears it, it feels like a second skin on the scalp. It has a secure fitting on the head. It can be attached to the head with tape or glue. It is removed and applied easily. Its life span is 3-4 months.



Hair loss and other hair problems are increasing day by day in people. To overcome hair problems, hair replacement systems are best because hair replacement systems are an affordable and non-surgical solution to hair problems. On the other hand, it is an instant solution to hair problems because you don’t have to wait for months or years. So, hair replacement systems are the best non-surgical and immediate solution to almost all hair problems.