LaVivid Taylor Women Hair System

Women Hair System

We often heard about women’s hair systems, hair wigs, hair toupees, etc. Ever thought about what are exactly these and how one can use them? Why there is a need to wear these? Materials used to make these and many more things.

In this article, we’ll let you know all about women’s hair systems.

Need for women’s hair system

Women are facing hair problem issues for a long time. Hair problems like hair loss and hair thinning can be painful for any woman suffering from these. Compared to men’s hair issues, Female pattern baldness and other hair issues are not acceptable by society. With time, women did a lot of things to get through this problem. Women tried different oils, herbs, shampoos, etc.

Although all of these things helped women a lot that is a slow process. The women’s hair system is an immediate solution to the hair loss problem. There is no need to wait for months or years for oil or shampoo to show its results. In today’s world, women who want an immediate solution to hair loss and hair thinning problems go for hair systems. So, to overcome hair problems immediately women’s hair system is used.

Some people also wear hair systems as a trend or fashion and it is increasing day by day.

What is exactly a women’s hair system?

The women’s hair system is like a hair wig that is made of natural or synthetic hair. But a hair system is attached to the scalp with some treatment. One cannot wear or take it off according to her will. It is like a permanent hair replacement system for some years and it looks more natural than wearing a typical hair wig. Although it looks like a hair wig but is different from it. It is attached to the scalp through a treatment that uses scalp-friendly glue or adhesive gel.

Materials used in the making of hair system

A hair system can be made by using different types of materials. It is made of natural or synthetic hair that is hand-woven. A hair system has two main parts. Hair and base system. Hair is made of synthetic or natural human hair. Lace is a base system that contains hand-woven synthetic or natural hair. The most common materials used for the base of the hair system are:

  • Polymers give a skin-like appearance to the base system and are made of polyurethane or silicone.
  • Mesh Fabric forms a good hair-line base system and is made of nylon or polyester. But mesh fabric is not good for long-term use.

LaVivid Brand hair systems for women

Many companies and brands are making hair systems. Every brand is using different materials for the making of hair systems. LaVivid is one of the brands that are making hair systems for both men and women.



  • LaVivid Hair

LaVivid produces high-quality hair systems. They have a variety of hair systems. They are committed to making life easier for people suffering from different hair issues. They design each hair system according to the needs and wants of their customers. Following are two main women’s hair systems that LaVivid is producing.

  • LaVivid Chloe Women Hair System is made of Asian Remy human hair. This hair looks sleek and natural. It comes in 6 different colors and is available in 2 sizes. According to LaVivid company, it’s a standard stock hair system. Its base allows the scalp to breathe easily. It comes in two lengths 14” and 16”, but the length can be customized up to 24”.
  • Taylor Women Hair System by LaVivid is made for people facing hair thinning and it can be the best option for them. Women who want long hair and full coverage can choose Taylor women hair system by LaVivid. Its length is 14 inches. This hair system is made of Indian Remy human hair and has straight hair. Its base skin thickness is 0.08-0.10mm.  One can easily style them according to their choice. It is very comfortable to attach to the head. It is attached to the head with a technique known as lift injection. Due to the use of this hair attachment technique, it looks very natural on the head.

How to fit a hair system on the head?

Everyone follows different methods to attach the hair system to the head. Many aesthetician centers are also doing this.

Vivendi Technology Centre is providing services to fit the hair system on the head. They have an experienced team that professionally attach hair system to the head of customers. The natural hair is given a cut and the hair system is blended with them. The trained team attaches the hair system semi-permanently with scalp-friendly adhesive gel. Due to their professional work on the head, the hair system gets easily attached and feels comfortable.

Life Span of hair systems

Every hair system has a different life span that depends on the material used. If good quality material is used then the life span can be long. Life span also depends on how one takes care of it. Servicing the hair system after 3-4 weeks helps in its maintenance and long life span. Many products can be used for extra care of the hair system. To increase the life span of a hair system, one should avoid some practices like:

  • Avoid brushing hard or brushing wet hair
  • Avoid sulfate shampoos and harsh chemicals
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools


Women’s hair systems are non-surgical solutions for women suffering from hair problems. It gives confidence and lessens the complexity of women. It is an immediate and non-surgical solution to hair problems and many brands are making high-quality hair systems. Hair systems come in different sizes, colors, styles, etc., and also can be customized according to customer demand. Most aesthetician centers are providing their services for the attachment or fitting of the hair system. With extra care, one can easily extend the life span of the hair system and can look beautiful with hair systems.