How To Repair The Base of Hair System

Commonly, there is a hole or tear in the base of the hair system for a long time of use. Especially for men, compared with females, the broken probability of the hair system is greater. Facing this condition, as a luxury hair attachment, the broken is heartbreaking. Although as the Latin motto says: “Alea iacta est”, you can use some methods to recover.

Hole In Lace Base:

Compared with other base materials such as skin and poly, the broken probability is greater and the worn period is shorter. If the hole and tear area of the hair system is tiny, you can obey the following instruction:

  • Before repairing, the cleaning of the hair system is required, which not only ensures the effect of paste but also prevents bacteria growth.
  • You should prepare these items:3M transpore tape, acetone, a scissor, knot sealer, a piece of bonding tape, a paper towel.
  • For the torn area, try your best to smooth and flatten.
  • Using the paper towel with acetone to clean the torn area.
  • Spraying knot sealer to secure the knots and stop hair shedding.
  • Using the scissor to cut the sizeable bonding tape which can cover the torn area.
  • Applying the bonding tape and pressing it firmly to the lace base.
  • Cutting a sizeable 3M transpore tape, removing the paper backing, placing the transpore tape on top of the bonding tape.

Hole In PolyBase:

If there exits a hole in the poly base, it is very important to repair which may scratch skin if leaving the hole alone.

  • Just like repairing lace base, it is also important to clean the poly hair system.
  • The supplement is required: a scissor, a paper towel, liquid poly repair kit(liquid polyurethane, clear repair tape, polyurethane base patch), blow dryer.
  • First, you should flatten the torn area of the poly base.
  • Second, using acetone to clean the torn area(for the first step and second step, the sequence is not irrelevant)
  • Cutting a sizeable tape that comes from a liquid poly repair kit.
  • Attach tape into the torn area and press it firmly.
  • Applying polyurethane on top of the tape(which can create tape pads and seal knots).
  • Using the blow dryer to dry the torn area.
  • When it is fully dry, apply bonding tape on top of the clear repair tape.


If you think it is difficult to repair the hole in the hair system, you can send the product to Lavivid. Besides, the periodic replacement of toupee is necessary, if the hole in the base is hard to fix.