6 Long Haircut of Toupee You Should Try

When it comes to long hair, many people tend to associate it with the artist. However, The long hairstyle is also the symbol of fashion and men’s temperament. For people who are alopecia, the long hair toupee is a wig you can try.

Long Curly Hair

People who have an oval face or pointed chins are very suitable for long curly hair, which can not only show off men’s sex and handsome, but a temperament that is different from masculinity. The long curly toupee with messy hair, the design of slight curl, and somber expression are very easy to arouse women’s motherhood.

Long Back Hair

For male hairstyle, back hair is a retro style, which is highly sought after by artists. This retro and gentle hairstyle can make your feature more defined. For people who have a beard, back hair seems to be an inherited feature that makes them look like a bodyguard and gives a sense of safety to the young lady.


At the LaVividhair website, a long hair toupee is very suitable for Bun. The bun is a very simple haircut for me, but without losing its style. For the owner of the haircut, it will leave an impression of being handsome and a little lazy. Besides, For the wearer of the toupee, the combination of the haircut and beard will look more distinctive. This yuppie and casual sense are very easy to trigger the interest of the female to you.


Usually, long hair is more artistic. However, the dreadlocks inversely look neat and wild. Matching with taboo, you are the leader of the fashion field. For rappers, it is a common dress and their symbol of identification.

Wavy Bob

In Asia, especially in Japan, the curly bob haircut is popular and attractive. Undoubtedly, a wavy bob will accentuate the impeccably refined feature. After perming, the owner of the haircut looks like a prince, which accords with the ideal prince impression of a Japanese girl.


It is a common haircut in NBA. For many basketball stars like Allen Iverson, Kawhi Leonard,  it is their favorite hairstyle. Wild makeup and sharp offensive basketball ability will make you become a glamorous star on the basketball court.


As a Chinese saying: ”A loss, no bad thing or a blessing in disguise.” although hair loss is a grieving thing, trying different wigs can also mold your confidence.