Unveiling the Beauty: A Guide to Gluing and Trimming Your New LaVivid Nicolas Hair System

In the ever-evolving landscape of hair systems, LaVivid proudly presents the Nicolas Hair System – a revolutionary wig designed to redefine your style and provide unparalleled customization. This article serves as a friendly guide, walking you through the process of gluing and trimming your new LaVivid Nicolas wig. Let’s embark on this exciting journey of self-expression and beauty.


Meet Nicolas: A Wig Tailored Just for You
Nicolas is a customized representation of your individual beauty, not simply a wig. Nicolas is offered in two sizes, 7” x 9” and 8” x 10”, to accommodate a range of tastes. However, customization goes beyond that. If you desire a smaller base, both sizes can be expertly trimmed down to 5.5’’x8’’ and 6.5’’x9’’, respectively. This flexibility ensures that Nicolas seamlessly fits your head shape, delivering a natural and comfortable experience.

Materials You’ll Need for Gluing and Trimming:
Prior to beginning the gluing and cutting procedure, assemble the necessary supplies.
Wig Adhesive: Choose a high-quality adhesive suitable for your skin type.
Scissors or Clippers: Ensure your cutting tools are sharp and suitable for wig materials.
Wig Cap (Optional): If you prefer added comfort, a wig cap can be used before attaching the wig.
Mirror: A full-sized or handheld mirror for accurate placement.


How to Glue Your Nicolas Hair System: A Step-by-Step Guide:
Prepare Your Scalp: Make sure your scalp is completely clean before applying adhesive by washing off any oils or residues.
Apply Adhesive: Using a small brush or the applicator provided with the adhesive, apply a thin layer evenly on your scalp. Pay special attention to areas where the wig will adhere.
Wait for the Adhesive to Dry: Allow the adhesive to become tacky. Refer to the specific instructions provided with your chosen adhesive for accurate drying times.
Position the Wig: Hold the wig by the edges and gently place it on your scalp, starting from the front and moving towards the back. Use a mirror to guide precise placement.
Press and Secure: Once the wig is in the desired position, press it down gently. Use a comb or your fingers to secure the edges, ensuring a snug fit.
Style as Desired: Nicolas offers versatility in styling. Experiment with different looks, whether it’s sleek and straight or casually tousled, ensuring the wig complements your personal style.

Trimming Your Nicolas Hair System: A Creative Endeavor:
Gather Your Trimming Tools: Use sharp scissors or clippers specifically designed for cutting wigs.
Secure the Wig: Place the wig on a secure surface or a wig stand. This ensures stability during the trimming process.
Section the Hair: Divide the hair into manageable sections. This makes it easier to trim the wig evenly.
Start Trimming: Begin trimming small sections at a time. Follow the natural hairline and make small, precise cuts to achieve the desired length.
Check Progress in the Mirror: Regularly check your progress in the mirror to ensure symmetry and precision. Take your time to achieve the desired look.
Blend for a Natural Finish: Blend the trimmed sections with the existing layers for a seamless and natural appearance.
Final Adjustments: Once satisfied with the length, make any final adjustments. Comb through the hair to check for evenness.


Conclusion: Nicolas – Your Canvas of Beauty
Nicolas from LaVivid is more than a wig; it’s an invitation to explore and express your unique beauty. The ability to customize sizes and effortlessly trim the wig allows for a personalized fit that enhances your comfort and confidence. Gluing and trimming your Nicolas Hair System is not just a process; it’s a creative endeavor, marking the beginning of a beautiful partnership between you and your wig. Revel in the beauty of self-expression with Nicolas – where customization meets creativity for a perfect hair system experience.