How To Wash Natural Hair Wigs?

Everything needs maintenance, and when it is about a human hair wig, the wearers have confusion about how to wash a natural hair wig? Here we will help you to explore the way how to care for a wig. Below we will outline all the do’s and don’ts and explain how to wash your wig at home.

Can I Wash My Wig Before Wearing it?

Most new wearers want to know: Should they Wash the Wig Before Wearing it or not? When you buy a ready-to-wear wig, it’s your only demand on you whether you want to wash it or not. It’s really a personal choice for every wearer.

But it’s important to know if you wash your wig too much, it shortens its life span. Most women do this to feel more comfortable with a freshly washed wig. We suggest a woman wash her lace front wig only once a week when the wig hairs feel sticky and dirty. But keep note: only use chemical-free products.

How to Wash a Human Hair Wig?

How often do you wash your wig? Now, it’s time to figure out how to wash a human hair wig at home? Please read all the steps carefully.

Step 1: De-Tangle

Before planning to wash your wig, whether it’s the first wash or regular, you must detangle the human hair wig. This is a pre-wah care tip. You can detangle yours by using a soft brush or comb and also gently using your finger. It is an important way to get rid of nasty knots before washing them. We suggest that you avoid brushing or combing in wet hairs. It causes bad damage to the fibers, so make sure you do this first.

Step 2: Rinse

The next step is to place your wig in a wide pot, take Lukewarm water, and get your lace front wig. So, if you have a long-haired wig, place it under the faucet to prevent the tangled lock from going down to the drain. After wetting the hair wig properly, remove excess water by hand and go shampoo. Go easy on it—do not twist to wring it out.

Step 3: Shampoo

Take a small amount of shampoo in your Palm and stroke the human hair from roots to ends. Remember to keep the shampoo away from the base of the wig. Do shampooing with light hands and avoid heavy scrubbing or rubbing it can damage the strands.

Furthermore, for the improved result, wash the human hair wig with a clarifying shampoo which is specially made for human hair wigs.

The general shampoo is made with high chemicals and paraben that cause dryness, roughness, and damage to the texture of the human hairs. But the other Human hair shampoo is gentle enough and never damages the strand. You can find many shampoos which are specially designed for wigs and suggested by hairstylists. Some women prefer to use mild shampoos for color-treated hair.

After 2 minutes of washing with a mild shampoo, rinse with lukewarm or cool water from the base down to the roots.

Remove shampoo gently until you are satisfied it’s properly cleaned or not. Once you’ve gotten rid of the shampoo, take a towel and bolt the hairs with the lightest hands before applying conditioner. You can apply the condition to wet hairs.

Step 4: Hair Conditioner

After applying shampoo, you can now condition your human hair wig. Use only hair wig products that include the lightest ingredients. If the conditioner was in-approved hydrating, then it’s best for hairs. Take a little amount of conditioner and apply slightly damping from starting at the bottom.

Now, Gently comb through the strands with your fingers, and leave it for 2-3 minutes. After this, keep away cool water from the base to the roots. Once the time’s up, gently run cold water until you make sure you get rid of all the conditioner from your hair.

Step 5: Dry

After the conditioner, your hairs now take a dry towel, lightly bolt hairs, and then clean your lace wig in a dabbing way. Don’t allow scrubbing or rubbing with a towel. It’s better to try to leave the wig for air dry. Avoid using a blow dryer and combing in wet strands. Once it’s no longer wet, you can now make any style you want.

Keep Note:

  • Avoided scrubbing or rubbing in the whole process.
  • Avoid chemical products that will shorten the lifespan of the wig.
  • Avoid blowdry
  • Avoid hot water
  • If a wig is curly, use your fingers to “scrunch” it every so often.
  • Only use Blow-dry the wig on your head if in a hurry. But, Be sure to use a low-heat dryer to not damage the fibers.

How do you increase the longevity of human hair Wigs?

A human hair wig Is expensive with the maintenance and caring tips. You can increase the longevity of your human hair wig if you follow these tips.

  • Always keep your wig on the stand when you are not using it.
  • Keep your wig tangled free
  • Avoid hot water
  • Avoid chlorine water. It will damage the hair.
  • Use only mild shampoo and conditioner, which is specially made for wigs.
  • Go with soft and normal hairstyles and avoid making heavy curly hairstyles.
  • Avoid Using heated styling tools (ironing, curler, straightener, etc.)
  • Wear your wig less often. It will be best if you have 2 3 varieties in a wig and Don’t wear the same wig every day.
  • Wash your hair human hair wig but not too often
  • You should skip the conditioner and use only mild conditions or spray for a soft, shiny look.
  • Be sure to apply Conditioner to the Roots only.

What Can I Use Instead Of Wig Shampoo?

There are some best alternatives to wig shampoo. If you don’t have shampoo, in some cases, use these natural ingredients that will keep your wig clean.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good alternative for cleansing your hair. If your wig has any type of adoration like cigarette, cooking, etc., then use baking soda with cool water that will help to refresh your hair without any damage and remove odor, dirt, and oil from strands.


Although most people, whether they wear a wig or not, prefer to use baby shampoo, free of harsh chemicals. Moreover, the hairstylist and wig professionals suggest using baby shampoo for synthetic and human hair wigs. If wig shampoo is not available at the wash time, then it’s better to use baby shampoo.

Which oil is best for human hair wigs?

Human hair needs to be oiled once a week. But if you are wearing a human hair wig, it’s good to oil with mild oil products, which make hairs healthy and remain shiny. So, we suggest using argan oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil for the human hair wig. Use only one which is easily available at home.