Hair system Vs. Wigs

A non-surgical hair replacement is a wonderful idea for both men and women. This is a safe, dermatologist tested and advanced technique for those who suffer from severe hair loss conditions. They have different names. However, there are different hair replacement options you have that give you safety, efficiency for applications. Just here, we talk about the hair system and wigs.

Let’s start by understanding what the hair system and hair wigs are.

A hair system is an advanced technology option for those who have bald issues, and best, they are virtually undetectable. Hair systems are also known as hairpieces, partial wigs used to cover some part of the head.

But the wig is used to cover the entire head circumference and comes with a standard size suitable for everyone. Hair systems and hair wigs are used for the same purpose, but they are different in some cases.

Factors of the Hair System Vs. Wigs

So, there we are going to discuss some factors about hair system vs. hair wigs, which will help in the future to understand misconceptions and myths around hair systems.

First of all, you need to clear the basics about the hair system and wigs. Today we will clarify the matter of these then discuss facts about them.

Hair system vs. wigs

The hair system is used to cover bald patches on the scalp and can be customized according to the situation of the hair problem. A hair system is usually used to protect against hair thinning issues and increase the natural density of your hair. It comes with a full head and a partial head.

On the other hand, wigs are commonly used to cover the entire head circumference, and it’s more popular for a long time. These also have varieties of style, texture, colors. People are more familiar with the wig as compared to the hair system. Actually, the hair system is an advanced technology that is popular nowadays. But wigs have been popular for decades.


The hair system and hair wigs look the same, and the construction of both are also the same, but the application and purpose of using them are different.

Here we focused on how a hair replacement system is different from hair wigs.


Hair system having the option of customization according to your hair condition. This also uses derma base or lace for magnification which is breathable and lightweight and looks like a second skin and more like your own scalp. They give you comfort even if you wear them every day. The fantastic thing about the hair system is that it is barely even visible to the naked eye and quickly fits your actual head.

While the traditional wigs can not offer customization, it has a standard wig size that easily fits any head circumference. But it’s more versatile in style and design. Most people use this for a unique costume look and matches hair color with their costume. It also comes with a heavy, bulky base which reduces the natural and flawless look when you wear it.


So, if we come to comfort, hair systems are more comfortable and lightweight than wigs. Wigs give you unnatural looks and are best suitable for mimic creation, costume parties, etc. The base of the wig is bulky, and it may irritate you, and you haven’t worn it for a long time.

Unfortunately, wigs get hot and itchy, and it is not breathable. But the hair system is comfortable, dermatologically tested, and skin-friendly. You can confidently wear it over days at a stretch.

Safe/ Unsafe

Hair systems are absolutely safe to use, and even the best offer for alopecia and cancer patients without any pain, you can transform a better hair look. These are dermatologist tested, skin-friendly, and easy to use.

You can also make an appointment with a trichologist. They will check out your hair loss and scalp condition and then recommend the system that will best fit your needs.

A well-known brand is also assured of medical-grade products and equipment pH-neutral materials that do not cause allergic reactions.

While the hair wig is uncomfortable to wear and unsafe to use, it isn’t breathable and may damage your scalp more. It is also itchy and irritating if you wear it for an extended period due to its bulky hard base. It is better for temporary use. It’s the best option for artists, industry, or costume parties used for a quick look. So, it would be best if you only focused on hygiene, comfortable things for yourself.


The hair system is mostly preferable for women to increase their natural hair density. The base of the hair system is made of polymer and meshes, which are very lightweight and breathable on the scalp. It also has an undetectable hairline, and even these materials are costly and quite durable compared to wigs.

Moreover, the hair system is made of human hair and artificial fiber. These are also made with animal hairs that look soft and natural. Humans are more fragile and expensive, and it isn’t very easy to care for and requires regular maintenance. European hair is more costly as compared to Asian hair. Actually, European hairs are soft and Asian hairs dark, complex, and straight.

While the hair wigs are also made of human and synthetic hair material, they are soft, straight, and look flawless, but only the base of the wig is bulky and bothersome when you wear it for quite a while.


Basically, the lifespan of the hair system depends on its base material, quality, texture, and hair type. For example, if you chose a French lace hair system. It will easily last for 4-6 months, but other hair systems like super thin 0.66 mm hair systems can only stay for 2-3 months.

If you have a heavy life routine and use a hair system every day, they need more care and maintenance. So, With proper care, hair systems can last long and look perfect every day. It looks fresh and not difficult to maintain. The hair system requires glue, bonding, and weaving for a fix. A well-known brand produces a high-quality hair system that can last for 4-6 months if you use it regularly with proper care.

On the other hand, in this situation, a human wig is best suitable for everyday use, but it requires high maintenance and care. It can be wear in swimming, pool, shower, sleeping, etc. It doesn’t need to be removed during sleeping, rain, shower, or swimming. They are highly durable and can last for 6-10 months on regular use with proper care.

Care & Maintenance

The hair system requires little maintenance and care due to its high-quality material. This is more hassle-free and needs some care. Wigs are challenging to handle so, if you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to care for them, then use alternative options like a hair system or hairpieces, which are easy to use, easy to handle, and require low maintenance.

Women’s hair wigs are also highly durable and don’t offer you sleep and swim with them. On the other hand, a high price tag hair system only provides you to swim and sleep with them.