Balding Systems for Women of all ages!


With all of our world’s advancements, you would think there would be balding systems for women to buy by now! We’ve survived two world wars, advanced technology to the point where we can establish ourselves on mars but the average woman can’t find a sensible balding solution? Well actually, we have. There are in fact solutions for women that don’t involve chemicals or additional hormones. You’re probably thinking, “…you totally catch my drift, but what am I gonna do now?! And where are these super amazing products that you’re alluding to?Get to the point!”.

Lavivd Hair is a balding solution-focused company looking to expand its horizons and provide you with products that will support you in concealing your bald spots. They will cover up and improve the appearance of the front of your head so that you can get back out there; confident and self-assured. You deserve to feel good about yourself!

Best For

These products are best for anyone in need of a high-quality hairpiece as a result of recent and visible hair loss. Though a vast majority of these products are geared towards men, they work just as well for women depending on the hairstyle you are going for and how big the patches are.

Celebrity Hair Loss

Many models and celebrities wear wigs and hair replacements for the sake of maintaining their appearance. At the end of the day, hair thinning and hair loss isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Certain hair conditions such as alopecia and receding hairlines are issues that many icons face.

Ariana Grande suffered from hair loss, and subsequently, minor forms of alopecia; as a result of the years she spent on the set of “Victorious” and the years that would follow compensating for that hair loss.

Her hair was repeatedly dyed a bright red/burgundy color. This involved bleaching and redyeing, touching up her hair consistently. After 3-4 years this, it is said that the stylists were negligent in consideration of Grande’s hair’s health. It didn’t matter how much bleach, it didn’t matter how much dye, they just wanted the color and they wanted it all of the time.

This eventually led to her hair breaking off and falling out in the later years of being on the show. She had to wear this awkward wig, which was too thick for her head (proportionally) at times.

Opinions aside, this event was devastating for Grande. Losing hair at any age is horrible but at a young woman losing her hair in the public eye… truly horrible.

The only way she could look remotely decent in terms of her hair was to put it in a ponytail. Though this became her most iconic look for years to come, it also caused a visible amount of minor forms of alopecia.

These days, Grande’s hair seems to be much more healthy; she wears less extensions, her hairline looks great and she’s switched out heavy high ponies to low ponytails.

Had she not made the decisions she did after these shows ended in order to preserve what healthy hair she did have less, Grande might have even experienced forms of balding…

It’s just to show that even a renowned star, a talented, intelligent, successful and beautiful woman, can also experience these issues. Many people continue to act as if women don’t experience hair loss or balding. Well it does happen, and when it does, you deserve practical and appropriate solutions. You should know that you are not alone in this…

About Hair Replacement Systems

Hair replacement systems are far more commonly used than one might think. Ironically enough, this is the very point! You don’t buy and wear a system with the intention of people knowing you’ve got a few spots going on now, do you? Hair replacement systems are an easy way to patch up and go rather than messing around the hairstyles we all know look ridiculous; no more comb-overs ladies!!!

if you are a woman with an androgynous haircut and are experiencing balding, look no further. There are many styles and color options for your shorter hair that might not be available in regular beauty supply stores. Here are some products you should check out:

1. Short hair product

2. Short have product

If you are a woman with long hair, and would like to cover up any frontal balding issues, there are longer hair options as well that you’ll find on Lavivid’s website.

1. Long hair product

Hair system bases:

Lavivid hair’s supply of hair wig options for those experiencing balding or an immense amount of hair loss in the frontal area of your head.

These wigs come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, as well as being designed differently, manufactured with several material options.

Lace Hair systems:

Mesh surfaces that are breathable. These products are great for those who might work out often or sweat easily. A lace system can last on the head for 4-6 months. Every base system has a lifetime but depending on how well you maintain the quality of the procust, it may last longer.

Skin Hair Systems:

Skin / poly wigs are very thin. This material is often used in film, tv, and hollywood as the hair that comes out of the system looks at if they are coming from the head of the wearer. You can see that scalp through some of the hairs; leaving you with a natural appearance / hairline. These can last from 2-3 months, and thicker hair wigs can last from 4-6 months.

Mono Hair Systems:

Mono / monofilament. This product is more light and breathable than the skin, however, less so than the lace hair systems. A mono base can last much longer than the two aforementioned, with a wearbilty time frame of 9-12 months on average. In terms of the hairs itself, these wigs can also hold larger and greater densities of hair. Surprisingly, this system is also cheaper than the other two on average.

Silk Hair Systems:

The silk base is designed with three layers; the first layer being the hair itself, the second being a clear base that gives off the appearance of a real hairline, and finally, a base that allows for comfort underneath. Though the intricacy is phenomial, these bases are not as breathable as the other three bases.


If you are a woman that is currently struggling with what to do about balding, you should seek out Lavivid hair balding systems. There are so many options for you! You should be able to find your hair color on the website, as colors range from platinum blondes to jet blacks. These are high-quality systems that will blend in with the hair you do have and solve all of your problems… okay maybe not all of them, student loans are very real, but most of your problems will be solved!

Overall, Lavivid Hair has a plethora of hair replacement products readily available at reasonable prices in consideration of their extraordinary quality. For further information, here are some how-to guides you can check out on how to install and maintain these products for sake of quality and wearability.