5 Wigs Styles that are Best for Men

Are you someone who has been bald for a very long time, and now you want to look the best version of yourself? Other than being bald naturally, many people face medical issues due to which they face hair fall. For those people, wigs can be a great option to feel new and young. Wigs will also provide a great sense of confidence as well to the people who are bald.

Many bald American comedians, actors, and other celebrities face balding and hair loss problems, but they have to appear in thousands of people. Hence, they opt for wigs as they look great with them, and they can experiment with different styles of wigs as well.

Best wigs for men:

You can easily find some fantastic styles of wigs for women, but it can be challenging to find wigs for men. so lavivid.com is a brand that offers plenty of different types of wigs for men.

So following are some of the fantastic styles that are best for men to wear.

Apollo Men’s Toupee:

The first wig worth mentioning in this list of best wigs is the Apollo wig. Apollo Men’s Toupee is one of the best wigs available in the collection of Lavivid wigs. This wig is extremely comfortable and durable. Other than that, this style of wig has mono hair systems, which are very lightweight but very long-lasting.

Apollo hair system has poly skin areas around the perimeter of the wig, which is about 2 inches in the front and 2.5 inches on the temples. This poly skin ensures that the wig looks exceptionally natural and blends in with the person’s actual skin. Furthermore, these wigs are very easy to wear, and you can wear them anywhere at any time of the day. You can wear them to sleep, exercise, or any other place as they are lightweight and breathable. The hair used in making these wigs is the 100% Indian Remy Huma Hair, which offers silky smooth-looking hair and is airy.

So if you are trying to look for a wig that is a perfect combination of comfort and durability, then Apollo Men’s Hair System is the best option for you.

  • Noah Men’s Long Hair Toupee:

Many bald American comedian likes to wear a wig that has long hair as it gives them a rough and edgy look. So if you are also someone running after a wig that gives you a similar look, Noah Men’s Long Hair Toupee can be the wig for you.

The Noah Men’s Long Hair Toupee has approximately 14 inches of hair length that are naturally straight. The hair system cap has monofilament and PU in the perimeter. Each material ensures that the wig is easy to wear and stays on your head for a very long time. Like the other wig, this wig is also very comfortable to wear, and the base is airy and breathable so that you can wear it to offices, gyms, or anywhere you like.

These wigs are incredibly natural, and the frontline of these wigs gets blended easily; therefore, it gives a very natural look when you wear the wig. Even though this wig has a large amount of hair and long hair, it is very lightweight and seems like you are wearing nothing.

So if you want something attractive yet that has an edgy style, go for the Noah Men’s Hair System.

  • Hades Men’s Hair System:

Hades is one of the most robust hair systems that the lavivid brand is offering. If you are searching for a sophisticated and classy wig style, then hades can be your option. Indian Remy Human Hair is used to make this wig, and the hair density is about 120%. Furthermore, the cap of this wig has German Lace instead of French Lace which is more durable and long-lasting.

The manufacturing of Hades Men’s Hair System is perfection, which means that the front knots are bleached so that when a person wears the wig, the hairline looks very real.

This hair system is best for people who go to the office and as a sophisticated look, and it is also best for people who sweat a lot as this is a breathable and airy wig which also the air to pass through it quickly.

  • Felix Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces:

Another great wig option for you is the Felix Men’s Hair Toupee. The cap of this hair system has monofilament as well as poly at the perimeters. It has about 1.5 inches poly on the side whereas 1 inch poly at the back. It offers an effortless way to wear a wig, and hence the wig will stay put for a very long period.

Another significant characteristic of this wig is that it offers three sizes are 7ʺx9ʺ, 7ʺx10ʺ and the last size is the 8ʺx10ʺ. You can find the perfect size that fits your head, and then you can get that size of the wig. Other than that, this wig is also charming to wear, which means that the wig is lightweight, durable, and breathable.

Hence, if you are looking for a wig that is easy to wear and style and not too bold, Felix can be your option as you will be getting one of the best wigs at the most affordable prices.

  • Brad Men’s Hair System:

The Brad Men’s Hair System is the last fantastic wig that is a must to mention in this list of fabulous wigs for men. This hair system is also of the best quality wig, containing 100% Indian Remy Human Hair with a density of about 130%. In addition, the wig is made with craftsmanship that the use of bleach covers the front knots, so they look incredibly natural. The poly at the perimeter gives a very honest and blended hairline.

This wig is available in three colors so that you can find the perfect match according to your preference. If you want an easy and comfortable wig, then Brad is your way to go.


Lavivid is a brand with a wide range of different wigs, and these wigs are of the best qualities that you can find in the whole market. Many people like to wear wigs because they want to experiment, but many wear them because they have a medical condition or are genetically bald. Many celebrities and bald American comedians also wear wigs as they want to cover up their insecurity.

So now you will be able to get some fantastic wigs at best and at affordable prices easily.